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I develop content across a diverse spectrum of media for diverse clients. My approach to strategy is to help clients gain clarity by offering perspective through creative storytelling. I lead with a desire for the collective to succeed. This space is dedicated to my featured work.  Enjoy and feel free to reach out to me directly at dayana.preval@gmail.com

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How I Navigate Tough Conversations with Family: Dayana Preval

Navigating conversations when you're a first generation* in the family can be tricky as it comes with little to no instructions and you’re navigating relationships and culture in a different capacity. Out of respect, you want to honor your family and their cultural upbringing. At the same time, as a first gen, you are still a product of your current society and norms. There can be a clash between cultures due to the change in upbringing and new experiences navigating a new country. The focus for

do you know how important you are?

“Throughout it all, you are still, always, you: beautiful and bruised, known and unknowable. And isn't that--just you--enough?” - Leila Sales

I wrote today's message while listening to Cleo Sol’s Single, Rose in the Dark. Before you continue reading this message, play it as you read.

Healing your inner child is a hell of a ride. As a child, we don’t have the experience or the language to articulate our reality. As adults, we’re immediately told that by a certain age that we have to have our shit together. I don’t know about y’all, but as a creative, this has been the beast in my life. Finding the balance to thrive in society as a functioning adult, while also battling the demons of my youth. I believe I was blessed with the gift of creativity to share my own stories, but also the stories of my peers. To be Black and creative is to be a little crazy. Despite all the bs, we choose to create art to capture our struggles, but most importantly our beauty.

This message is for the person who is still fighting for greatness and healing. Some days we win on this journey and some days we cry, hurt, and feel all the things. Cleo Sol says, “ I had to grow the rose in the dark.” The process of healing isn’t pretty. It’s very personal and real, but I hope that it’s all worth it in the end. The other side is greener.

Let this be your reminder that you matter.

I’m proud of you for existing, creating, and trying each day. There is no timeline for your greatness. This journey is continuous.

Dayana, Community Manager of #blkcreatives

Add laughter to your end of year wrap-up with HBO Max

What better way to add laughter than to binge-watch your favorite Black shows? In the

past year, HBO Max has highlighted black shows that bring nostalgia from the ’90s to new

shows that embrace the culture today.

The end of the year can be a challenging time due to holidays, cold weather, daylight savings,

and wrapping up Q4. It’s essential to ground yourself and sprinkle some joy into your daily


The Jamie Foxx Show: Jamie King is an aspiring actor from Carol, Texas, who moves to

Does Your Show Need a Virtual Assistant? —

As a podcaster, you will find that there are a lot of parts to creating episodes, such as the scripting, editing, marketing, etc. It can get overwhelming and the last thing you want to feel is burnout so quickly. What if I told you that you can hire a Podcast Virtual Assistant? I know you’re probably thinking, a Podcast Virtual Assistant. What’s that?

I had the chance to chat with Bethany Hawkins owner of Crackers In Soup, a full service virtual assistant company, who shared some insights aroun

Relax, Relate, Release: Navigating Through Life as a 20-Something - Blavity

I find myself questioning everything at times, and wanting answers for everything, but I'm learning not everything is meant for me to see and understand RIGHT NOW. I'm learning how to take things day by day, and just to be grateful that I'm able to see another 24 hours. Something that I've realized that I'm doing is constantly working towards my goals. I set personal goals for each week and/or day in order to feel better about my process. I try to challenge myself, and do things outside my norm,

How Cutting My Hair Changed My Life - Blavity

It all started June 2016, I completed my 10 months of service with City Year. For those of you who know me, know that being in City Year was something I struggled with daily. For those who don’t know me, it was the toughest 10 months of my life. It felt as though, I was being robbed of my blackness. In the beginning, I was told that from my manager, and higher up, that my service year was a cause greater to self, that this year wasn’t about me. I was told that my service mattered, that I mattere

Here's Why J. Cole's 'KOD' Album Is The Message We All Need - Blavity

In music today, if the beat doesn’t drop within the first 10 seconds and make you turn up, you’re more likely to change the song. At times, I am guilty of this. Music is changing and our attention spans continue to decrease. But as a fan of J. Cole, as well as a black woman and overall music lover, I believe it’s my duty to listen and dissect his albums, because he makes music for us. J. Cole never fails to break down and articulate every emotion and experience that black people have faced and c

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